JBL and Son, Family Dragracing
The teams 1994 Pro-Modified Chevy Lumina Z-34
The car was built by Gary Hood Race Cars for NHRA Pro-Stock
Modified by Performance Concepts for Top Sportsman Class
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John B. Lopez Jr.
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1970 1/2  Rally Sport  -
just getting a well deserved rest -definitely not forgotten
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Team Members

Allen Ducat--Crew Chief
Jason West
John Goetsch

Tracey Lopez--Team Manager
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Performance Concepts -- Chassis Experts,
Welding Services, absolute best in drag racing.
708 479 7949     Mokena, IL

*Theresa Marie*
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Proud to be associated with Remember When Racing.
They are our exclusive fuel supplier, and deal with Rocket Brand Fuel.

***** Latest Team news*****

I want Theresa to know how much she is loved & thought of during
these sad times. Love forever. I'm there always, anytime, anywhere.

Thank you to all that remembered what happened to my children.


Added pics to Team Photos page.

To everyone that posted comments. Thank you.
Due to spam crap from some casino that crashed the page, they are gone.
Sorry, I did read every one and appreciated the time and your kind words.
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McMahon Corporation
Thanks to Al for his engine.
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The case against THP is in court, I have to becareful when talking about the details
of all the damage he caused to my engine.
I can say, that the engine was brought to him in Oct 2004. He guaranteed it would be
done by Feb 2005. It was not done. When it was completed, several months later, it
was not useable due to damage he caused.

I appreciate the support, and I will spend any amount needed to see this through.
Anyone else cheated by THP, I will help anyway I can.

Keep the notes and well wish's coming, thank you.
Anyone that wants the details, I can answer ??? privately

Yes, I heard the rumors, that he lost or closed his business, and had to get a job, you
can stop writing & calling about it. Thank you.

The lawsuit against THP has been filed. The local Sheriff has been contacted.
If he does not respond, he will be charged with theft for with holding my engine and

THP finally responded. I have also learned that several other customers have had
their parts damaged.

If you want any more info contact us thru e-mail.
The 582" BBC before it was damaged & then stolen
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Jordan Payton Lopez
We remember you all, forever.
Love always, Mommy & Daddy
   Latest photo's, testing Byron, ILL
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A little down time
View from the other lane in 2011, I hope
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